графиня Анна Варвик (anna_warvick) wrote,
графиня Анна Варвик

William Powell Frith - викторианский жанровый художник, который писал не только свое время, но делкие века.

At My Window, Boulogn

When we devote our youth to God, 'tis pleasing in His eyes - a flower, when offered in the bud, is no vain sacrifice...

Measuring Heights

The Railway Station

The Witchs Trial

The Trysting Place

The Signal

The Lovers

The Flower Seller

The Family Lawyer

The Crossing Sweeper

The Ardour


Henry VIII And Anne Boleyn. Deer Shooting

Claude Duval

An Incident In The Life Of Mary Wortley Montague

A May Day Celebration

A scene from Molieres L'Avare

A Private View at the Royal Academy
Tags: frith, искусство
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