графиня Анна Варвик (anna_warvick) wrote,
графиня Анна Варвик

Горячие испанские девушки

Подборка со знойными (и не очень) испанками :)

John Singer Sargent
Spanish Dancer

Maximino Munoz Peca
A Spanish Beauty

A Spanish Beauty
Frederico Beltran-Masses

John Singer Sargent
A Spanish Woman

Giovanni Boldini
Portrait of Anita de la Ferie - The Spanish Dancer

Mary Cassatt
Spanish Dancer Wearing A Lace Mantilla

Claudio Castelucho
Spanish Dancers

Edwin Longsden Long
A Spanish Flower Seller

Eugene Pierre Francois Giraud
A Spanish Beauty With A Fan

Robert Henri
Spanish Girl

Robert Henri
Spanish Woman in a Red Shawl

Andre Paul Leroux
Spanish Flamenco Dancer

Jose Garcia Y Ramos
Spanish Cabaret

Spanish Ballerinas

Pablo Juan Salinas
The Spanish Dancer
Tags: дамы, искусство, испанки
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