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графиня Анна Варвик

По просьбе Баньши - небольшая подборка с женщинами и лошадьми:)

"The Dairy Maid" by Jean Baptiste Greuze

Брюллов, "Всадница"

Francisco de Goya
Maria Teresa of Vallabriga on Horseback

A fine Lady upon a white Horse (from Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross, 1884)

Lady & Horse
Caroline Amelia Powell, after A. H. Thayer. Wood engraving. 1887

John Collier: Lady Godiva, 1898.

Queen Victoria at Osborne House
Эдвин Лендсир

The Horsewoman

Horsewoman in the Bois de Boulogne, 1873
Pierre Auguste Renoir

Sebastien Bourdon
Queen Christina of Sweden on Horseback
Oil on canvas, 1653

The caption to this late nineteenth-century print by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, lithographers, states 'A Ladies Horse - the Property of the Late Earl of Pembroke, from an Original Painting by Montpezat'. It appeared in Cassell's Book of the Horse.
Tags: женщины на лошадях, искусство, подборка
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