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Прекрасные дамы

ivha_ua_nsk недавно спрашивала меня, как я делаю подборки. Внутренняя логика, структура и все такое. А вот и доказательство - нету этого:)

by John Hoppner.

Lady Hamilton as Ambassadress
by George Romney.

Lady Stratford

The Governess
by John Haynes-Williams.

La Coquette
by John Wilson

Forget Me Not
by George Henry Boughton.

Sunless Days
by George Henry Boughton

by John Haynes-Williams

by John Haynes-Williams

Pea Blossom
by Sir Edward John Poynter.

A Love Gift
by George Sheridan Knowles.

Helping Mother
by George Sheridan Knowles.

Sweets to the Sweet
by Edmund Blair Leighton.

Held by a Thread
by Charles Edward Marshall

Coming Through The Rye
by Robert Sauber.

Love or Country
by Marcus Stone.

by Marcus Stone.

Love at First Sight
by Marcus Stone.

Sorry and Song
by Edmund Blair Leighton.

Thorn amidst the Roses
by James Sant.

The Love Note

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Tags: дамы, картины, портреты, романтика
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