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Женские портреты конца 16 - начала 17 века

Портреты Елизаветы Английской
Портреты эпохи ранних Стюартов у eregwen

Unknown Lady c. 1600
Attributed to Marc Gheeraerts the Younger

Portrait of a Lady c. 1575-85

Elizabeth Brydges 1589
By Hieronimo

Mary Fitton c. 1595

Lady Margaret Russell, Countess of Cumberland

Portrait of Isabella Clara Eugenia of Austria with her Dwarf

Isabella Clara Eugenia of Austria
before 1605

Miniature of Emilia Bassano by Nicholas Hilliard, 1593

An Unknown Lady attributed to William Segar, c.1595

Lady Eleanor Herbert by an Unknown Artist, 1595.

Miniature of an Unknown Lady by Nicholas Hilliard, 1597

The Princess Royal, daughter of James I, VI and Anne, 1603

Portrait of Maria Magdalena of Austria

Portrait of an Italian Lady

Lady Diana Cecil by William Larkin, c.1614-18.

Alatheia Talbot Countess of Arundel by Daniel Mytens, c.1618.

Anne of Denmark, wife of King James I.

Queen Anne, wife of James I, VI by Paul van Somer, 1617

Queen Anne, wife of James I, VI by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger, c.1605-10

Marie des Médici, Queen of France

Peter Paul Rubens. Portrait of a Lady with a Rosary

Анна Австрийская

Анна Австрийская

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