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графиня Анна Варвик

Женские портреты 16 века

Подборка на эту же тему у antoin

La Bella 1536
By Titian

LUINI, Bernardino
Portrait of a Lady
c. 1525

Portrait of a Lady
Attributed to da Carpi, circa 1530

Portrait of a Lady in Green
Attributed to Agnolo Bronzino, c1530-2.

Portrait of a Lady
Attributed to Bronzino

Hans Baldung Grien

Portrait of a Lady as Lucretia
Lorenzo Lotto, circa 1533

Portrait of a Florentine Noblewoman
Bronzino (?), circa 1540

Eleonora Toledo, Agnolo Bronzino

Isabel of Portugal
by Titian, c.1535

Portrait of a Lady 1533
By Bernardino Licinio

Maria de Medici 1551
By Agnolo Bronzino

Portrait of Jacquemyne Buuck
1551 POURBUS, Pieter

Titian, 1553: Portrait Of A Lady In White

Giovanni Antonio Fasolo, 1560s: Family Portrait (detail)

Eleonora Toledo
Unknown artist

Elizabeth of Austria 1571
By Francois Clouet
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