графиня Анна Варвик (anna_warvick) wrote,
графиня Анна Варвик

30ые годы 18 века

Portrait of Anna Friederike, Furtin Von Anhalt-Kothen, Half Length in a White Dress, circa 1738

detail of Plate I from "A Harlot's Progress," by William Hogarth, 1732

"La Declaration de l'Amour," by J.F. de Troy, 1731,

A Young Lady with a Parrot, c. 1730
Rosalba Carriera

Portrait of a Woman with a Dog
Jean Honoré Fragonard

William Hogarth
The House of Cards 1730

William Hogarth
The Children's Party 1730

C. Phillips
A Tea Party at Lord Harrington's (detail) 1730s

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin
The Young Schoolmistress

Elisabeth Christine von Braunschweig-Bevern 1739
Tags: 1730ые, мода
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