графиня Анна Варвик (anna_warvick) wrote,
графиня Анна Варвик

40ые годы 18 века

François Boucher, Presumed Portrait of Madame Boucher, 1743

William Hogarth
Miss Mary Edwards 1740

Girl with Racket and Shuttlecock 1740
Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

The Chocolate Pot c1745
Jean-Etienne Liotard

Thomas Hudson
Portrait of a Lady, c.1740s

Portrait de Marie Leczinska de La Tour,1745

Nicolas Lancret, A Lady in a Garden Taking Coffee with Some Children, c. 1742

François Boucher, A Lady Fastening Her Garter (La Toilette), 1742

Pamela and Lady Davers (1743 - 1744)

Robert Feke
Portrait of a Woman, 1748

Gervase Spencer, Portrait of an Unknown Woman, 1749

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau, Madame de Sorquainville, 1749

William Hogarth, “Portrait of Mary Edwards”, painted 1742

Luise Ulrike of Prussia, Queen of Sweden 1744
Tags: 1740ые, мода
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