графиня Анна Варвик (anna_warvick) wrote,
графиня Анна Варвик

Прекрасный 18 век

Thomas Gainsborough

Portrait of a lady in blue

Ann Ford Mrs Philip Thicknesse

Conversation in a Park

Elizabeth Wrottesley

Johann Christian Fisher

John and Henry Trueman Villebois

Lady Alston

Lady Ligonier

Mary , Countess Howe

Mr and Mrs Andrews.

Master John Heathcote

Mr and Mrs William Hallett.

Mrs Grace D. Elliott

Mrs Graham

Mrs Sheridan

Mrs Siddons

Portrait of the Artist with his Wife and Daughter

The Gravenor Family

Queen Charlotte

The Hon. Frances Duncombe

The Linley Sisters

The Mall
Tags: gainsborough, искусство
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